Pedro Acosta - MotoGP's next big thing?

At just 16-years-old and with only three Moto3 races under his belt, Pedro Acosta is leading the championship by a very impressive 31 points. Is the young Spaniard MotoGP’s next big thing? I certainly think so.

Looking down the Moto3 grid, there are riders who have been in the category for quite some time now and have not been able to do what Acosta is currently doing, lead the world championship. That in itself is very impressive, and with a 31-point lead after only three races, the KTM rider is off to a flying start.

No rider has come away from the third round of the season with such a substantial lead in recent years and with Moto3’s competitiveness, especially in the past few seasons, that kind of lead at the start of the season is incredible.

Not only that, but Acosta is just a rookie, making it more unbelievable how quick he has come out of the blocks. With three rounds complete, the Spaniard has featured on the podium in all three races, with two wins most recently and a second place in his first race, in which he was just inches from the victory!

What makes him stand out even more is his ability to do things which look like something only Marc Marquez could pull off. In Round 2 at Qatar, Acosta started in the pit-lane, meaning by the time the pack had got a fair-way around the opening lap he was behind by quite some margin.

By the end of the race, the Red Bull Rookies champion had cut his way through the field and won the race, becoming the first rider in Moto3 to accomplish such a feat.

I think we need to wait a few more rounds to see whether Acosta can keep up this incredible momentum he has began his rookie year with, but from the first signs, it looks like we have one of MotoGP’s brightest stars rising up the ranks right in front of our eyes.

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